In our capacity as preferred partner supplier to Ericsson in the UK, Mono are proud to have been heavily involved and played a lead role in helping to launch Vodafone’s 5G network. The launch took place on the 3rd July in Skygarden in central London. It was a major milestone for Vodafone attended by their Main UK Board, E// senior management, many industry dignitaries, the media and their special guest, Lewis Hamilton. It was a great success attracting significant positive press coverage. Simultaneously they launched their 5G network across a range of cities and Mono had previously acquired, built and commissioned many of the key sites in Glasgow and Manchester. While these cities were prepared many months in advance of the launch date, in London the site installs have come quite late to us for a variety of reasons making meeting the targets a herculean task. Traditionally these kinds of difficult challenge’s are what Mono rises to and in the end we met the targets and built over 70% of the key network sites for the launch, and all within a 2 month period.

“Their ability to launch successfully was down to a collective effort from all those people involved, which included your teams who delivered the network in record time, under very difficult circumstances. Your people worked tirelessly for two months to achieve very challenging targets and they never shirked the responsibility, it was a massive effort.” Guido Bertinetti, Head of Networks and Managed Services, Ericsson

From a standing start we delivered 70 5G sites on selected locations in Central London and played a significant role in the key sites at VF HQ, Gatwick Airport and the Sky Gardens launch venue. We even had key engineers and riggers on standby in London on the night of the launch to assist in any possible network glitches. Luckily their services were not needed. Right the way through the project, from design, to work planning and translating these into the complex technology commissioning there was a real collective sprit to deliver the targets set. This was also been picked up by Vodafone and Ericsson, as for the first time they have recognised the collaborative transparent working, and that the delivery has been a truly joint effort. This has been a real factor in the positive responses we have received from the clients.

“There’s been many challenges on the way and I’d like to thank all of you for going that extra mile – there’s been countless late nights, setbacks, challenges, but in there somewhere there has been a sense of fun and a team spirit second to none. Most importantly we have proven that when we work as one team with our suppliers and Vodafone we can achieve anything.” Mark Bailey, Program Director at Ericsson (VF UK).